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Safety data sheet page 1 of 6 may 11, 2017 section 1. Forensic toxicology laboratory office of chief medical examiner city of new york ethylene glycol and propylene glycol by gas chromatographymass spectrometry principle ethylene glycol hoch2ch2oh is a relatively nonvolatile liquid used as a major component of antifreeze fluids. Physical properties of polyethylene glycol pegbased resins for combinatorial solid phase organic chemistry. Propylene glycol usp proper handling page 2 of 3 if good hygienic practices are followed and the recommended materials of construction are used, the handling of propylene glycol usp should be no problem. To save the metadata to an external file, click save and name the file. All the properties have negative values and exhibit a minimum at the same waterrich. The fda along with other international standards institutions considers it to be generally safe to handle and to ingest and has certified the safety of using propylene glycol in medications, food flavors and for industrial purposes. Monoethylene glycol meg is widely used by the oil and gas markets in wellheads and pipelines to prevent hydrate formation at pipeline conditions. A normal autoclaving process is enough to return the files to their original shape and fatigue resistance. Because of its high boiling point and affinity for water, ethylene glycol is a. This conversion may have resulted in character translation or format errors. Physical properties the glycol ethers are colorless liquids with a slight odor.

Propylene glycol is an organic compound with many industrial uses. Department of health and human services, public health service. Identification product identifier propylene glycol 40% version. Rheological properties of polyethylene glycol solutions. Nevertheless, the glassforming tendency and stability of this compound was only known for a few. In order to inhibitnist in ahydtaulic system,the ph of water based fluids must be maintained at 8. Mixed convection, square enclosure, nanofluid, water, ethylene glycol. Pdf ethylene glycol eg is an important organic compound and chemical intermediate used in a. Everything you wanted to know about glycol a brewery. Properties differs so much from clean water that heat transfer systems with ethylene glycol should be calculated thoroughly for actual temperature and solution. One must remember that the temperature of the refrigerant will be 10 15 f below your glycol solution temperature.

Information regarding the physical and chemical properties of ethylene glycol is located in table 42. In offshore deepwater gas production facilities, where the exposure to lower temperatures in subsea pipelines is common, meg is used for hydrate inhibition. Ethylene glycol, also called ethane1,2diol, the simplest member of the glycol family of organic compounds. Polyethylene glycol peg is a hydrophilic polymer that may have neuroprotective properties such as aiding in repairing damaged axons kwon et al. Ethylene glycol is also commonly used in heating applications that temporarily may not be operated cold in surroundings with freezing conditions such as cars and machines with water cooled engines. Users are referred to the original paper copy of the toxicological profile for the official text, figures, and tables. Ethylene glycol heattransfer fluid engineering toolbox. Puremeg monoethylene glycol reclamation and regeneration unit. Adding propylene glycol to cosmetics and medicines will help them retain their moisture content. Schlumberger glycol dehydration processes remove water vapor from natural gas, which helps prevent hydrate formation and corrosion. Polyethylene glycol an overview sciencedirect topics.

The retention time for propylene glycol is 4 min1,2propanediol 57556. Physical properties the chemical formula for ethylene glycol is c 2 h 6 o 2, and its molecular weight is 62. Physical properties units propylene glycol dipropylene glycol tripropylene glycol chemical name 1,2propanediol oxybispropanol 1methyl1,2ethanediylbisoxy bispropanol formula c3h8o2 c6h14o3 c9h20o4 cas number1 57556 25265718 24800440 einecs number 2003380 2467703 2464660 molecular weight 76. Ethylene glycol safety data sheet according to federal register vol. Sep 26, 2019 all atsdr toxicological profile pdf files are electronic conversions from paper copy or other electronic ascii text files. It has less solubility in acetone, diethyl ether, and dioxane. Mixed convection characteristics of ethylene glycol and.

The atsdr toxicological profile succinctly characterizes the toxicologic and adverse health effects information for the hazardous substance described here. Triethylene glycol is a colorless liquid with a mild odor. Natural gas processing consists of separating all the various. Download as pdf file download as excel file download as 2d mole file predict. Utilize propylene glycol for its moisturizing properties. United states office of environmental revised december. Mathematical model of the thermophysical properties of aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol the properties necessary in the calculation of the heat transfer processes include density specific thermal capacity thermal conductivity viscosity prandtl number and their variations with the operating conditions. Two molecules of water from two molecules of glycol to form cyclic. The propylene glycol family of chemical compounds consists of monopropylene glycol pg, dipropylene glycol dpg. Ifthere is backpressure on the regenerator this reduces to 99. Ethylene glycol based water solutions are common in heattransfer applications where the temperature in the heat transfer fluid can be below 32 o f 0 o c.

Thermophysical properties of glycols and glymes acs publications. It is an excellent solvent completely miscible with water and many organic compounds such as ethanol, benzene, toluene, castor oil, carbon tetrachloride, monoethanolamine and diethanolamine. Dry glycol flows down the tower from the top, from tray to tray or through packing material. Table 4 lists various physical and chemical properties and constants for the propylene glycols. Conventional heat transfer fluids such as water, oil and ethylene glycol has a low thermal conductivity. The builtin shape memory of hyflex edm files prevents stress during canal preparation by changing their spiral shape. First aid measures general advice consult a physician. Polyalkylene glycol monobutyl ether pgme for handling. The common name ethylene glycol literally means the glycol derived from ethylene.

Gc diethylene glycol content deg 0,5 %mm maximum astm e202 acids such as acetic acid 0,005 %mm maximum din 53491 refractive index at 20. Choose file properties, click the description tab, and then click additional metadata. Kister equation, and the corresponding parameters are derived. It has been shown to decrease nf200 degradation and apoptosis, as well as increasing tissue sparing baptiste et al. Ucon50 5100 shows the property of inverse 86 solubility. Corresponding authors a hkust shenzhen research institute, no. Conde engineering 2011 properties of working fluids brines 9 9 fig. Meek, health canada, ottawa, canada published under the joint sponsorship of the united nations environment programme, the. A comprehensive source for additional physical and chemical properties is reference 25. Food additives, toothpastes, mouthwashes, tobacco, lotions, hand sanitizers and saline lotions use propylene alcohol to retain moisture. Rheological properties of polyethylene glycol solutions and gels. Physical properties of polyethylene glycol pegbased.

Information regarding the chemical identity of ethylene glycol is located in table 41. The properties reported above are typical physical properties. Relative retention packaging and storagepreserve in tight containers. Diethylene glycol deg, triethylene glycol teg typical end products. In other words, its solubility in water decreases as the solution temperature rises. Monument chemical in no way guarantees that the product from any particular lot will conform. Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance.

The chemistry and properties of dows glycols are so wide ranging, you may need. Later, hayes and pegg determined temperaturetimetransition curves of ethylene glycolwater solutions. Table 5 gives a breakdown by percentage for the principal uses of propylene glycol in the united states. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent. Other pertinent literature is also presented, but is described in less detail than the key studies. Regulatory information cas number flash point, 112276. Propylene glycol intended for human use is designated as usp grade and is commonly found in foods, pharmaceuticals. Densities and volumetric properties of ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol properties software free download ethylene. A glycol is an alcohol with two hydroxyl groups on adjacent carbon atoms a 1,2diol. Firstaid measures eye contact flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Additionally, derivative properties, such isobaric thermal expansion. This lesson goes over this substances properties, names, structures, and formula.

Propylene glycol is used extensively as a substitute for ethylene. Excess molar volumes, isothermal compressibility, and thermal isobaric expansivity coefficients as well as thermal pressure coefficients were. Safety data sheet page 2 of 6 may 11, 2017 section 4. Synthesis, properties, and applications of polyethylene. Thermal properties of ethylene glycol aqueous solutions. It is a viscous liquid that is sweet, faint and transparent. Glycols depress waters freezing point providing protection to temperatures as. Epa has not classified ethylene glycol for carcinogenicity. If teg is needed above these concentrationsthen additional stripping of the water is required using dry, preheated.

It is used to regulate humidity in pipes and cigars to. All atsdr toxicological profile pdf files are electronic conversions from paper copy or other electronic ascii text files. This is the primary limitation in enhancing the performance and compactness of many electronic devices in engineering. Glycerin is also fully miscible with phenol, glycol, propanediols, amines, and heterocyclic compounds containing a nitrogen atom in the ring e. Ethylene glycol is used in many different applications, but its also famous for being a deadly poison. One molecule of water from two molecules of glycol to form a polyglycol. The expert panel also needs to determine whether additional data are needed in order to arrive at a conclusion on the safety of caprylyl glycol and other 1,2glycols in personal care products. Information on basic physical and chemical properties physical state colourless liquid. Propylene glycol is unique among the glycols in that it is safe for humans to take internally. At a 87 temperature known as the cloud point 50oc, pgme comes out of solution and forms a turbid 88 dispersion. Propylene glycol, industrial grade, is the preferred glycol for manufacturing high. Section 4 pages 162 to 180 lists oligomeric and polymeric chemicals for the category formula, r och 2ch 2 n or, n is unspecified that might contain a glycol ether component n. Just remember that it should be handled as though it were a food. The chemistry and properties of dows glycols are so wideranging, you.

One molecule of water from one molecule of glycol to form aldehydes or. Pdf properties changer lets you quickly add, edit or remove properties from pdf files effortlessly. Marpetg fs is a clear transparent thermoplastic polyethylene terephthalate glycol polyester flat sheet that offers excellent strength to weight ratio, outstanding optical clarity, superior chemical resistance, durability, good fire performance and is 100% recyclable. This document is intended only as a guide to the appropriate precautionary handling of the material by a properly trained person using this product. Specific heat, viscosity and specific weight of a water and ethylene glycol solution vary significantly with the percent of ethylene glycol and the temperature of the fluid. Colligative properties by definition a colligative property is a solution property a property of mixtures for which it is the amount of solute dissolved in the solvent matters but the kind of solute does not matter. A guide to glycols 8 sep 26, 2019 agency for toxic substances and disease registry atsdr. Epa has not classified the glycol ethers for carcinogenicity. Safety data sheet mono ethylene glycol 1 identification of the substancepreparation and companyundertaking application automotive industry. Excess volumes ve, viscosity deviation, excess refraction. Persistence and degradability ethylene glycol 107211 persistence and degradability readily biodegradable. Physical properties the chemical formula for ethylene glycol is c 2 h. Simply rightclick on a pdf and select pdf properties changer edit pdf properties to begin editing. This information includes synonyms, chemical formula and structure, and identification numbers.

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