Us figure skating test rule book

Any clarifications to rules will be found online in technical notifications. Skaters are required to comply with the well balanced program requirements outlined in the current usfs rule book in sections 5000. Figure skating officials are hosted by clubs across the country and offer skaters the opportunity to highlight their abilities and advance to the next level. Figure skating tests are hosted by usfs figure skating clubs. Freestyle rules figure skating ford ice center and the scott hamilton skating academy are committed to the safety of all skaters and ensuring all have a fun environment both on and. Figure skating find errors in this edition of the rulebook, corrections will be made in the online. This site is produced privately as a service to skaters and is not endorsed by us figure skating or other organizations. Figures which consist of three lobes have two short axes which divide the figure into its three lobes.

Schedule will be posted one week prior to test session on this page. Figure skating president anne cammett 41020 2020 national qualifying series update 32520 2020 governing council meeting update 32420 letter from u. Figure skating has been a part of the winter olympics since the games first began in 1924, and also made appearances at 1908 and 1920 summer olympics before that. But costume rules werent clearly defined before the 1988 olympics, when katarina witt donned a costume cut scandalously high on the leg. Jun 07, 2018 princess zagitova not only has a gold medal shes also part of isus rule book now. Most clubs try to schedule about 4 figure skating test sessions a year. It forms a right angle with the long axis where the lobes join. The united states are the current world leaders in olympic figure skating, holding a total of 49 medals overall. Part two contains competition rules, test rules valid beginning sept. Maintenance of the long axis, the short axis and symmetry of the figure should especially be observed. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. Skate canada newfoundland and labrador scnl is a proud member of skate canada and is the governing body of figure skating in newfoundland and labrador.

Figure skating is a member of the international skating union isu, the international federation for figure skating, and is a member of the u. The usfsa rulebook is the official guide to rules and requirements. Moves in the field test level will not determine skaters competitive level. Synchronized team age and test level eligibility requirements may be found in the us figure skating rulebook. Most ice rinks offer group ice skating lessons, and part of most standard group figure skating lesson courses. Quality paper and bindings were used,pictures and illustrations are beautiful. The test structure, considered the foundation of u. Eligibility eligible competitors are current members in good standing of us figure skating and shall be eligible to enter events based on their test status as of november 19, 2010. For the ladies, they use a combination of classic artistry and athletic technicality to wow judges and audiences all over the world. From competition eligibility and test prerequisites to required elements and rule changes, theres a lot to ask and a lot to learn. Figure skating rules, which can be found in the official u. The rulebook can be viewed online, downloaded and printed from your personal computer or saved to a data storage device. When developing test and competition programs, skaters should check with their coach and the official usfs rulebook that is issued annually for the competitive seasons that starts on september first of each year.

Part two contains competition rules, test rules, moves in the field rules, rules for singles, rules for pairs, rules for ice dance, rules for synchronized skating, moves in the field diagrams and pattern dance diagrams. It is also available for free download right from the us figure skating website, if you prefer the pdf electronic version starting with 2008, the full package includes the actual rulebook, a separate book which includes the test rules and all dance and mif. Us figure skating rule book safesport international skating union isu bay area ice dancers baid cal figure skating team silver stars synchronized skating team dublin iceland oakland ice center golden skate. If you are viewing this document electronically, the table of contents contains hyperlinks, so if you click on a rule, it will take you directly to the page with that rule.

The overall design of the new website was influenced by u. The board meetings are held at least once monthly and are open to all members. Our purpose has always been to promote interest in all phases of skating. Figure skating find errors in this edition of the rulebook, corrections will be. As the largest learntoskate teaching organization in the province, programming is offered for all ages and abilities through our more than 30 member clubs and skating schools, located from. Sep 19, 2018 in terms of figure skating, a number of changes were approved, which will shape what the sport will look like for the next two years and, perhaps, through the 20212022 season. Test qualifications for competitions pages 223229, rulebook as. The figure skating test structure may be confusing to those new to ice skating.

As with any competitive sport, a thick rule book governs the way competitive figure skaters can behave and dress. This information is provided to give you an understanding of what is expected at each level. Usfsa 201718 rulebook page 1250 isci by ice skating club. Figure skating adult gold test must take and pass isi tests to compete in isi events no lower than freestyle 5open silver. Skaters earn points for their team based on their individual results in a variety of events. While competitive skaters are required to participate in the u. This menu page links to information about the rules and the test elements and. The short axis divides the figure into symmetrical lobes.

Request for information on becoming a synchronized team skating judge. Figure skating adult skating committee posts facebook. Figure skating, determines a skaters competition level. National governing body for the sport of figure skating in the united states. Starting with 2008, the full package includes the actual rulebook, a separate book which includes the test rules and all dance and mif patterns, and 3rd separate book which is the directory of officials. All skaters must either compete at their test level or one level above their highest us figure skating free skating test passed. The rulebook can be viewed as a pdf file online at and is also available in the u. It is recognized as such by the united states olympic committee usoc under the ted stevens olympic and amateur sports act and is the united states member of the international skating union isu. Figure skating may compete in an excel levels at any competition offering it, but may not enter the series. Figure skating is the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the united states. This information is found in the rulebook beginning with rule 4200.

Hopefully this will allow zagi to give us a more balanced program next year and not a backloaded one that witch. It is also available for free download right from the us figure skating website, if you prefer the pdf electronic version. You can aslo look for figure skating test sessions on the usfs test session calendar. This article outlines and explains figure skating tests and levels.

I was confident that this book would be well received. Snfsc is governed by an elected several member board. Skating scandals and the rules they inspire howstuffworks. Several references in this manual will be made to u. He designed skates that could be attached to shoes by screws through the heels rather than using straps, and these were soon available from riccards manufactory in london.

Figure skating nonqualifying competitions per rule 1021 in the u. Rulebooks in hardcopy paper or cd are available direct from us figure. Fulltime college students compete on behalf of their college or university. Pairs free skating program open to all qualified skaters.

Figure skating blades used during special olympics competitions must be sharpened to produce a flat to concave cross section without change to the width of the blade as measured between the two edges. Figure skating s brand guidelines book, several inperson and virtual sessions with stakeholders and industrybased research. Snfsc is a member of us figure skating usfs, the major governing body of all figure skating clubs in the united states. Before you can become a figure skater, you need to learn how to ice skate. Figure skating ulebook important information about the u. Figure skating national programs and events status updates 43020 letter from u. A treatise on skating 1772 by the accomplished skater, welshman lt. Figure skating rulebook is the official publication for all the associations rules and bylaws.

Zagitova rule new isu regulation backloading cancelled. Usfsa rulebook united states figure skating association. Rulebooks in hardcopy paper or cd are available direct from us figure skating for a very nominal price. The most notable change is to the scale of the grade of execution goe scores that judges can assign to each technical element. Most ice rinks offer group ice skating lessons, and part of most standard group figure skating lesson courses include the chance to take achievement basic figure skating skills tests. Founded in 1921, the association has more than 750member, schoolaffiliated and collegiate clubs. At least one partner must have passed the appropriate pairs test. Figure skating test structure in order to compete in qualifying competitions, recreational skaters may opt to take tests as a means of continually challenging themselves and their skating abilities. This book was bought as a gift for a figure skating fan. The bylaws have ascending article numbers using roman numerals.

Outofclub test fees do not apply for any skater whose home club is a member of skating council of illinois. Figure skating adult skating committee, colorado springs, co. The combined report of action details all bylaw and rule changes made through the past year by the board of directors and governing council. This publication contains all test diagrams and test information that was previously included in a separate publication. Feb 22, 2018 notably, the pyeongchang games are the first to allow figure skaters to use music with lyrics for their programs, a new rule that was first introduced during the 20142015 figure skating season. Permission is granted for clubs and rinks to reproduce for instructional or nonprofit purposes, with attribution. A deliberate coverup us figure skating reckoning with. This publication contains all test diagrams and test. For any questions, contact email protected test dates. Figure skating rulebook on the following pages, you will find the table of contents, which lists every section of rules. Figure skating rulebook, found at it is a good idea for skaters to look.

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