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The ppsh 41 is a soviet submachinegun designed by georgy shpagin as an alternative to the harder and more expensive to make ppd40. Ppsh41 cleaning kit consisting of a two piece cleaning rod with jag, a combination tool and an oil bottle. Replaces the m16s firing sound with the firing sound of the ppsh 41 from waw credit goes to treyarch for the original sound. Ai sound i changed the sound of the ppsh 41 to an extremely realistic one, it sounds like the real life popping sound, also, when you are far away from the place the. It is a submachine gun that accepts 35round magazines. Do you think you can make a mdeiafire download for this map, cause mega never workds on my pc anyways thank you if you do.

We look at guns history, the call of duty games they are in and stats. The iconic soviet submachine gun, the most massively produced smg of the ww2. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins. Welcome rwwii is the developersupported, communityrun subreddit for the wwii community call of duty. You can consider this brand new ppsh 41 model as a kind of version 2. This is the first and master pack for my cod ww2 swep series. Lets play cod waw tdm on hangar w ppsh call of duty world at war multiplayer gameplay duration. Ppsh 41 pg ppsh ww2 png is a highresolution transparent png image.

Requested by sarah, it replaces the gunfire of the m16 with that of the ppsh 41 from call of duty. Wwii steam workshop cod wwii ppsh 41 gunfire for ak47. The ppsh41 is a submachine gun featured in all the world war iibased call of duty games that have a soviet campaign, as well as in call of duty. Its first appearance is in baptism by fire, in which the player uses one on top of. Ppsh 41 you have probably seen the previous ppsh 41 model that was done by torre. Sound weapon behavior stance movers, fire rate, time of reload, movement speed, etc. It is the fourteenth primary installment in the call of duty series. Used a 38x 16 set screw and drilled out the center. Register or login to see them needs t4m so this is most likely the last major update for this because im working on ppsh world and lab 7734 so i. Ppsh41 conversion try out file tactical realism mod for.

Ppsh41 weapons of call of duty world war 2 youtube. It can be found on doc mitchells right bedroom book shelf. While it doesnt have the magazine capacity that the ppsh 41 has, it makes up for it with very controllable recoil. Reskin for the ppsh 41, added a new polymer grip instead the original that uses wood. Wwii is a firstperson shooter video game developed by sledgehammer games and published by activision. The pps was created in response to a red army requirement for a compact and lightweight weapon with similar accuracy and projectile energy to the soviet ppsh 41 submachine gun widely deployed at the time, with reduced rate of fire, produced at lower material cost and requiring fewer manhours, particularly skilled labour sudayev was ordered by the state commission for armaments to. Ppsh41 pg ppsh ww2 png png image transparent png free. The idea is a bit irrealistic for a wwii game, but the gun looks nice with the black polymer grip, and the metal parts has been darkened a bit and ive added a very small rust effect. Waw ppsh41 for mp5, ak, and sig left 4 dead 2 gamemaps. This is the ingame equivalent to cod4s c4 x2 perk 2x m9a1 bazooka gives the player an m9a1 bazooka rocket launcher with 2 rockets. It comes with unique static and sound entries, as well as having it added to the appropriate repair lists and weapon lists.

It has a very high magazine capacity, decent power, and only medium recoil. Because the final reich, the nazi zombies map included in call of duty. I remade the high resolution 2048x1024 pixels texture for it to give more contrast, bright and detail. Wwii on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled ppsh41 ruins the game page 2. Use ppsh41 and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. The ppsh is a submachine gun featured in the soviet campaign. Here we have the second version of apocs skin for the ppsh 41 works both in multiplayer and singleplayer. Big red one, appearing in nearly half the campaign missions. In call of duty 2, the pps42 is infrequently found in the soviet campaign. Download the following call of duty wwii ppsh 41 gun wallpaper 62147 image by clicking the orange button positioned underneath the download wallpaper section. Requested by sarah, it replaces the gunfire of the ak47 with that of the ppsh 41 from call of duty.

World at war ppsh41 remake the ppsh41 pistoletpulemyot shpagina. New ppsh 41 file black smith mod for call of duty 2. Download and play the latest ppsh 41 maps and mods for left 4 dead 2. The ppsh41 is a submachine gun that is available in call of duty. It could either take 71round drums, or simpler 35round stick magazines, al. In this series we look at the weapons that are going to be in new game call of duty world war 2. Report any problems in the comments below, and ill do my best to fix them, or comment how awesome i am to let me know i am doing everything. In order to get it in the game i used arby26s ak animations. Set screws are very hard to drill, so my son made a jig to screw in the set screw to make it easier to drill. In fact, its recoil is almost exactly the same as the ppsh 41 in call of duty.

Realistic weapons mod for call of duty 2 video ppsh 41 new animations. He did good job on importing the red orchestras model into cod2 conditions. The ppsh is a magazinefed selective fire submachine gun using an open bolt, blowback. The ppsh 41 in the m16 role without the suppressor. Call of duty wwii ppsh 41 gun wallpaper 62147 1920x1080px. Here we have a great ppsh skin which looks great ingame and is loads better than the default. Standard issue ppsh41 automatic smg with a large magazine and modest damage. Shpagin machine pistol is a soviet submachine gun designed by georgy shpagin as a cheap, reliable, and simplified alternative to the ppd40. Cod2 back2fronts true russian language, new ppsh41 and. The ppsh 41 has a decent fire rate and damage and can compete with assault rifles at medium range and is stronger than assault rifles at close range. Achievement ak47 animated arcade axe background baseball bat boss contest bullpup call of duty camp chainsaw city cod computer cry of fear cute doom duke nukem easter eggs ems ending europe events evil final fantasy frying pan fuelrush gameplay gandalf glowing gun hard. Now with a low recoil variant for those complaining about the recoil being too high. Their high rateoffire and damage make them ideal choices for players who enjoy playing fast and up close. This means that the pps42 is very controllable and can be used at short.

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