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I show how to get convincing acoustic sounds using a jtv69 variax and hd500x by line 6. Instantly access a collection of vintage electrics, classic acoustics and more. Variax hd workbench user patch exchange database is growing well for the. Released in early 2005, the hardwaresoftware package is now available as a free software download for users who connect their variax directly into vetta ii. So what if a single variax was custom setup with complete disregard for the default guitar models.

The variax hd update will replace all of the presets in your james tyler variax guitars with allnew hd guitars. Does this mean i can plug into the cat 5 looking cable. The patches assume that you have connected your variax to the variax socket with a vdi cable. Original variax workbench patch exchange area variax guitars. Sure, the first thing that you should try is creating a patch that covers his real stuff and see how it works. Utilizing the latest modeling technology that they used on their popular line of amp and effect modeling pedals, line 6 rebuilt the guitar samples from scratch to improve the sonic character and the instruments playing response. Can i save a patch on the variax to a patch even if i have to create it in the standalone workbench software. This may be required for compatibility with the newest pod hd500x firmware and pod. Variax workbench offers you a fully equipped virtual guitar workshop. Allnew workbench hd software the allnew workbench hd software makes it possible to build oneofakind custom guitars by combining the hd body styles, hd pickups and components in unique ways. Here youll find files that you can download up to your pod x3, podxt, pod 2. When using the workbench interface to update or edit the variax guitar, ensure that a charged battery is in the guitar jtv only and a 14.

You can load them via midiusb using the gearbox, line 6 edit, guitarport editor, vboard, patchmanager, xt organizer, sounddiver or patchwizard software, or workbench for the variax, all. Buy your line 6 variax standard electric guitar from sam ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. Here are the patches tones for variax workbench that you should place in. Variax is the name of a line of guitars developed and marketed by line 6. The customization available on this thing is nearly limitless. Line6 variax stratocaster bank 5 switch boerocustomart.

Jtv what are the file extensions for the latest version of workbench hd. Line 6 variax electric guitars we stock a wide range of the super versatile line 6 variax guitars here at andertons music co. Our vetta ii amplifier includes a digital connection for the variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the vetta ii so that when you call up a vetta channel memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Line 6 variax factory reset reflash and software update. Line 6 releases variax hd upgrade and workbench hd. To use the variax workbench software, you need a variax electric 300, 500, 600 or 700series guitar and a suitable mac or pc. Line 6 has announced the launch of variax workbench version 1. Ethereal but punchy enough to cut through the mix just perfectly. The guy sold me the variax with the workbench usb module cable and rj45 cable. The helix and your patches have reinvigorated by playing. The line 6 variax workbench softwareinterface provides variax 300, 500, 600 and 700 owners with their own personal guitar custom shop with the tools to easily create and virtually build the guitars theyve been dreaming of. From a standard guitar perspective alone, the shuriken is worth its price, but the addition of the versatile variax electronics makes it an incredible deal. All flextone ii pod 2 bass pod xt vetta pod xt flextone iii guitar port hd 147 variax pod x3 m only bose patches. After reading how easy it is to max out the dsp on the hd500, its starting to make sense that line6 didnt include a tubepreamp type model for running variax nonelectric models through.

You can use helix or pod hd series products to edit your variax with workbench hd. Line 6 variax updates line 6 variax updates if you own any line 6 variax instrument, it is highly recommended that you check for and install the latest available firmware update. Get yours today, line 6 rj45 to usb io for variax workbench guitar software. Offering tweakable presets using variax workbench hd software, modeling for electric and acoustic guitars, and instant access to alternate tunings, the jtv59 is fantastic for guitarists. My chain is variax 500 to pod hd500xt via vdi cable, then usb to computer. Variax hd upgrade and workbench hd software line 6. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors and the helix native plugin introduces 8 new amp models, 8 new effects models, qwerty hotkeys, remote support for powercab plus, dt25tm, and dt50tm, perstring volume for variax, and more. Variax workbench hd software lets you take variax hd modeling to the next.

Glenn delaune premium patches for line 6, fractal audio, bossroland. I usually starts in this way because the emulators use to have a different sound color depending on the amps that you choose, so its a good first step to experiment to try the amp used by the artist but emulated. Variax standard combines legendary line 6 innovation with renowned yamaha craftsmanship, forming a versatile modern instrument that shatters the limitations of traditional guitars. A version is also available for the variax acoustic models, though this of course does not include pickup modelling. Custom patches are not retained when updating to variax hd. The software takes you far beyond whats possible in the physical realm so you can build virtually any guitar imaginable. Jan 23, 2014 to all fellow james tyler variax owners line 6 just released a remarkable firmware update for the variax plus updated the workbench hd software here is the link. Be sure to backup any customer presets that you may have for future reference. The line 6 variax is the perfect example of a versatile guitar with great standard guitar sounds but with things like the james tyler modelling engine to create digital versions of your guitar sounds.

Variax hd introduces the new hd preset format to workbench hd and the guitar. Line6 helix alter bridge blackbird helix guitar patch. Line 6 variax workbench software macintosh and windows free shipping. Because everything is so new at the moment, and there is always the ability to add and modify features, we might see greater variax control possibilities integrated into the hd500 and hd500 edit i suppose, but at the moment, you simply create a patch in your variax with your required settings inc tunings and save it using workbench, then you. Find great deals on ebay for line 6 variax guitars. I see both the pod and variax in the line 6 monkey, but when i launch workbench, i never see the variax, just the add midi device window. Line6 variax stratocaster bank 5 switch turn your line6 variax into a stratocaster with a brilliant twang. With variax workbench hd, you can grab any guitar body, load it with the pickups you want, set your favorite tunings, and make it all available alongside the rest of the stock sounds. The combination of the variax guitar, the pod hd500 and this cable are. Line 6 intros free variax workbench software synthtopia. What may be less well known is that line 6 also produce some very easy to use workbench editing software for the variaxes, which allows you to design your own guitars and save your own custom tunings. This free upgrade enhances the ultimate recording guitar with an entire collection of pristine hd instrumentsplus the ability to customize instruments and capture unique tones. Place for workbench hd files until customtone updates. Line 6 variax workbench softwareinterface musicians friend.

Line 6 is a musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturer. Line 6 variax workbench software with variax workbench, you can select from a complete list of guitar bodies, pickups and placement, tone and volume controls, and tweak until youve come up with a guitar that is truly unique. I have a variax 300 and 500 and i understand that with the pod hd 500x that the workbench features are not supported. Rebuilt from the ground up, these hd instruments provide unprecedented sonic character and a more natural playing experience. May 28, 2018 you can use helix or pod hd series products to edit your variax with workbench hd. Usb interface for connecting with workbench, usb cable, variax cat cable and a battery charger. To all fellow james tyler variax owners line 6 just released a remarkable firmware update for the variax plus updated the workbench hd software here is the link. Aug 28, 2005 line 6 has announced the launch of variax workbench version 1. Close out any other applications running on your computer before updating the variax guitar.

Variax control lets you store custom variax settings as part of your presets. While it is quite a bit more than my variax 500 was it is also quite a bit more than my variax 500 was. Using the workbench hd software you can choose the body style, the pickup, the polarity. Build your own custom guitars at home on your pc or mac. Interface for connecting variax to workbench the gear page. However, i have read that i can still power the variax from it. With an hd500 or helix you dont need to do this because you can embed the custom tuning in the hd helix patch on a 700 the custom tunings are part of the variax patch so you have to have an interface. They differ from typical electric and acoustic guitars in that internal electronics process the sound from individual strings to model replicate the sound of specific guitars and other instruments.

Page 15 system setup or, you can manually select from a variety of impedance values from low to high 22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 6k, 230k, 1m, or 3. Line 6 releases variax hd upgrade and workbench hd software. By implementing line 6s variax hd technology, the line 6 variax jtv59 electric guitar is able to contain multiple instruments and tunings within one body. Like previous variax instruments, the shuriken is compatible with line 6 workbench hd software a free download, which allows users to create their own custom guitar models and tunings. Line 6 and yamaha joined forces to introduce variax standarda playerfriendly guitar that delivers more tone and versatility than any other instrument in its price range. If youd like to dive right into a workbench hd editing session at this point and bypass the fine details about workbench hd s features and functionality for now, the following is a brief overview of your typical workflow. Before buying, i tried the guitar but not the workbench.

These are the patches i use on my pod hd500 to make it easier to play rocksmith with my jtv69. Line 6 pod hd500x and firehawk with older variax the. Review of the new line 6 hd500x multieffects floorboard. Everywhere james tyler variax or jtv are mentioned, change to variax immediately under getting started add. Updating or reinstalling the flash memory on the variax electric 300, 500, 600, 700 and james tyler variax guitars. Line 6 software the variax firmware amazingly fixes the strat 2nd and 4th position issues its like night and day compared to before and provides seamless switching between models. Line 6 variax hd updates for all jtv models guitar. Their product lines include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and bass amplifiers, effects units, usb audio interfaces and guitarbass wireless systems.

You may want to put your guitar back to normal one day. Battery power of course, the electronics of the variax will need. Due to the large number of patches in the database, only the first 300 entries of your search will be retrieved. For some reason when the batteries are in, the guitar tries to use them rather than using the power from the footswitch. Holy crap your helix gilmour patch was so so great for that tune. How to get realistic acoustic sounds with jtv variax youtube. This page contains information about the user manual for the variax 500 from line 6. Make sure you have the latest version of the workbench hd software. Regarding the question of how the original and hd modelling systems compare, line 6 tell me that 18 of the 20 electric guitar models in variax hd were remodelled versions of the same or similar physical guitars from the original variax generation and that the hd modelling is, from both a dsp and process perspective, more accurate this time around. Interface for connecting variax to workbench discussion in. This is the cable that you use to connect your guitar to the pod hd500x or one of the. Addictively playable with classic looks, variax standard gives you exceptional qualityplus incredible variax hd technology that puts it in a class of its own. The variax hd upgrade is meant to revitalize your variax instrument with a host of new and improved sounds. Line 6 rj45 to usb io for variax workbench guitar software.

Line 6 product specialist joe cozzi gives a guided tour of the workbench hd software capabilities for editing the variax hd modeling guitars. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6. Much better than the glorified ethernet one that comes with the variax workbench package. I have set up an area for pre hd variax users to exchange variax workbench patches. To use the variax workbench software, you need a variax electric 300, 500, 600 or. In most cases, youll launch workbench hd with your variax. In line 6 monkey, i see my variax usb connection but not my variax itself. With advances such as variax hd technology and product lines for every level. I set about finding a nonvariax owner who would want to buy the xt live which still worked fine in all other respects and saved my pennies for the only currently manufactured pod floor unit that had a variax jack, which was the hd 500. When i try to use the workbench, i get the same thing as you. What attracted me to the jtv 69 and hd 500x was the ability to setup a patch for each song with the specific guitar, amp, and effects that were used to record. Manuals for guitar effects, synthesizers, and midi devices.

Original variax workbench patch exchange area variax. Introduction to workbench hd software for variax guitars youtube. Line 6 variax worldwide family public group facebook. Some of your other patches seem to be as well put together, so im eager to adapt them to my set list. Variax hd upgrade and workbench hd software with allnew variax hd technology, james tyler variax provides instant access to a huge collection of hd guitars with unprecedented depth, character and detailmaking it the ultimate recording guitar. Included in these bundles only are my custom variax presets for the hd workbench. Simply connect your helix or pod hd series product into a computer via usb and load workbench hd. Line 6 variax shuriken hd modeling baritone matte black. Workbench s librarian and then store them on your computers hard drive. When i got my line 6 variax 500 electric guitar home, at first i couldnt get it to work, but after much fiddling, it was just that the batteries had run dry while i was playing it in the shop. This is the final edition of the collection, including 2020 update and our archives since 2011. Create custom instruments with variax workbench hd variax workbench hd is your own personal guitar custom shopwith a twist. Guitar cable to amp the simplest way to use the variax is to connect it directly to your amplifier or stompboxes with a standard mono guitar cable. Is anyone hosting a place for workbench hd files while we wait for.

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