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Plla is based on tools, strategies and experiences of participatory rural appraisal, rapid rural appraisal rra and farming systems researches for visualizing and detecting where changes in a. A workshop and a conference on rra, held at the institute of development studies, university of sussex in 1978 and 1979, were important gatherings that fostered an emerging new methodology to improve the costeffectiveness, timeliness, and quality. Rapid rural appraisal rra and participatory rural appraisal. Some of the sources were modified to be utilized in a participatory mode, and the others were taken up as they were used for investigation and planning.

As noted in the sections that follow, these methods are participatory. Decision makers need the right information at the right time but in rural development much information generated is too costly and inappropriate. The term rra is used here to refer to a discrete study or series of studies in one or. Rapid rural appraisal consists of a series of techniques for quick and dirty research that are claimed to generate results of less apparent precision, but greater evidential value, than classic quantitative survey techniques rra and analogs emerged in the 1970s as a more efficient and cost. As noted in the sections that follow, these methods are participatory and qualitative and are especially valuable in gathering information that will provide insights about people and the communities in which they live. The term rra is used here to refer to a discrete study or series of studies in one or more communities, during which a. It was largely developments in universitylevel institutions most notably at the institute of development studies at sussex and khon kaen university in thailand which led to the early popularising of rra. Rapid rural appraisal rra is a repertoire of informal techniques used to collect and analyze data about.

Rapid rural appraisal and rapid assessment procedures. Role of participatory rural appraisal in community. The term participatory rural appraisal pra describes a growing family of approaches and methods to enable local people to share, enhance and analyse their. Pdf rapid rural appraisal of a rural village in sabah. Rapid rural appraisal rra has its origin and application in rural developmentrelated research. Introduction rapid rural appraisal rra is a systematic, semistructured activity carried out in the field by a multidisciplinary team that is designed to obtain new information and hypotheses about rural life. It also provides information regarding the evaluation options used by this approach, detailing each options usefulness, advantages, and limitations. This article examines one type of appraisal, rapid. It provided an alternative technique for outsiders often scientists carrying out research into agriculture to quickly learn from local people about their realities and challenges. Rapid rural appraisal rra is a systematic but semistructured approach to field research that is designed to rapidly and costeffectively provide rigorous descriptive and illuminative data where practical constraints like time and funding limit extensive and intensive research projects dunn.

Rra rapid rural appraisal and pra participatory rural appraisal. The purpose of this manual is to familiarize users with rural rapid appraisal rra and participatory rural appraisal pra methods, demonstrate the applicability of these methods, and encourage the rigorous application of the methods to obtain the best results. The term rapid appraisal does not refer to a single technique but to a range of evaluation. The direction taken was strongly influenced by the intellectual drive and popularising. Participatory rural appraisal pra recently renamed participatory learning for action pla, is a methodological approach that is used to enable farmers to analyse their own situation and to develop a common perspective on natural resource management and agriculture at village level. Rapid rural appraisal by amanda rogers rapid rural appraisal rra is an efficient and effective method both in terms of time and cost of gathering information, particularly in agricultural settings. Rapid rural appraisal university of illinois at urbana. Pra has sources in activist participatory research, agroecosystem analysis, applied anthro pology, field research on farming systems, and rapid rural appraisal. The advantages of rapid rural appraisal for case study research are. Such appraisal involves avoiding the traps of quick and dirty or long and dirty methods and using instead methods that are more cost effective. Pdf on may, 2010, ganesh chandra and others published participatory rural appraisal find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Rapid rural appraisal and participatory rural appraisal. Pra is applied at the design, early implementation and evaluation phases of a project cycle or used for environmental and socioeconomic research.

Although data collected through a rapid appraisal is usually for the purposes of one planned survey, it is imperative that the information is recorded in a form which will be useful to subsequent surveys in the longer term. Participatory rural appraisal and participatory learning methods. Rra rapid rural appraisal rra rapid rural appraisal merupakan metode penilaian keadaan desa secara cepat, yang dalam praktek, kegiatan rra lebih banyak dilakukan oleh orang luar dengan tanpa atau sedikit melibatkan masyarakat setempat. Rural appraisal rra in order to assess the contribution of this approach. Ra methods also enable local people and outsiders to plan together appropriate interventions and. The rapid rural appraisal rra approach is the largest contributor, for both principle and techniques developed by the participatory rural appraisal pra. Participatory rapid appraisal sage research methods. How to use rapid rural appraisal rra usaid natural resource.

Participatory rural appraisal pra is a specific form of rapid rural appraisal rra, a research techniques developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the researchers in the international development as an alternative and compliment to conventional sample survey. Participatory methodologies and participatory practices. Planning of various interventions and checking the relevance of the planned interventions. Rapid appraisal is a less structured data collection method aimed at supplying needed information in a timely and costeffective manner. The first set of pms to emerge from this work with a clear identity was rapid rural appraisal rra, which focused on how outsiders could quickly learn from local people about their realities and challenges. This volume outlines five rapid data collection methods key informant interviews, focus group discussions, group. It is important to modify and amend the indigenous technologies for sustainable agricultural development through participatory rural appraisal participatory learning and action rapid rural appraisal methods.

Taken from annotated bibliography on gender, rapid rural appraisal and participatory rural appraisal. If properly used it can play a major role in identifying community health needs thereby aiding the health planning process and improving the health of the people. Rapid rural appraisal and participatory rural appraisal crs. Compiled for environment, wid and other global issues division, planning department, japan international cooperation agency. Nov 30, 2016 participatory rural appraisal and rapid rural appraisal for jfm programme implementation english. The rapid rural appraisal rra is the most appropriate approach. The data should be recorded in such a way that a database can be constructed for. The approach aims to incorporate the knowledge and opinions of rural people in the planning and management of development projects and programmes. Rra, which emerged in the 1970s, places emphasis on local knowledge and the big picture, instead of lengthy statistical analysis. Pra is one of the models of rra that is more participative. Rapid rural appraisal, participatory rural appraisal and. Much of the spread of participatory rural appraisal pra as an emerging family of approaches and methods has been lateral, southsouth, through experiential.

Mar 18, 2016 rapid rural appraisal and participatory rural appraisal 1. The role that rapid rural marketing appraisal rrma can play in this broad sense of marketing research lies in the identification and prioritisation of marketing. Participatory rapid appraisal pra is an interactive data collection process conducted at a community level or with a specific community group of interest. Rapid rural appraisal rra emerged in the late 1970s in response to some of the problems with largescale, structured questionnaire surveys. It puts trainees in direct contact with community members as both participate in the research. This can help determine the targetoriented needs and demands of the farmers categorywise. Rapid appraisal methods offer development workers a useful set of research and appraisal tools to obtain quickly information from local populations about their conditions and their needs. Participatory rural appraisal an overview sciencedirect. Rapid rural appraisal is a way of organizing people and time for collecting and analyzing information in a costeffective manner. Reflections on rra led to the development of participatory rural appraisal pra, which had a stronger focus on facilitation, empowerment. This introduction1 to rapid rural appraisal rra is mainly concerned with its methodological process. Appraisal of natural resources in terms of status problems and potential verification of issues raised during other pra exercise particularly during social mapping, natural resources mapping, etc. It is a method by which resources can be quickly deployed to alleviate the problems of the poor.

Rapid rural appraisal forms part of the attempt to learn about rural conditions in a cost effective way. Rra is regarded here as a set of guidelines and tools which can be used in many different ways and many different circumstances and without. The first was dissatisfactio witn h the biases, especially the antipoverty biases, of rural developmen tourist m the phenomenon of the brief rural visit by the urbanbased professional thes. The fundamental principles of rra united nations university. The origins and practice of participatory rural appraisal. Participatory rural appraisal pra is an approach used by nongovernmental organizations ngos and other agencies involved in international development. Using rapid appraisal methods this guide examines the benefits and limitations of the rapid appraisal approach. This has been described as a growing family of approaches and methods to enable local rural or urban people to express, enhance, share and analyze their knowledge of life and conditions, to plan and to act. For the purposes of this document, as clear distinction has been made between rapid rural appraisal rra and participatory rural appraisal pra precisely in order to accommodate this difference. Participatory rural appraisal, the origin of pra as coined by robert chambers as an approach to development planning and as a method of investigation evolved from many different sources. I mann tropicay environmentl th wees seasot i thns e worst tim oe yeaf especiallr fo thry pooree peoplr wite harh workd foo, d shortages, hig fooh pricesd hig, diseash incidencee hig indebtedness,h etc. Metode pemberdayaan masyarakat rra dan pra ilmu ternak.

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