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I settled on this app as the one to use for our regattas, and havent looked back. Pinnacle point software applications for navigating lifes. Race officers have to get results out quickly and have no time to learn complicated software. Balboa racing is the leader in automatic sailboat race starters, using the latest in electronics technology for ease of use, excellent reliability and functionality. Sailwave was created by colin jenkins in 2001, who has been joined by jon eskdale in 2012. It is also an integrated solution for clubs to organize events, share race courses and track the. Names and addresses may be entered for mailing lists. Import race data collected by timing devices via a csv file. Half price for a limited time sailboat race starter is an isaf countdown timer for racing sailboats. Its gps sailing race tracking equipment and its real time graphic solutions for digital and television enabled the live broadcasting of inshore and offshore events such as the. Sailboat race starter and regatta timer on the app store. Sailbot manufactures flexible and advanced sailboat race starting horns. Halsail is based on hals race results, the well known pcbased sailing results program used by hundreds of clubs around the world unlike hals race results, you do not have to download halsail and install it. Since 2010, georacing has been successfully used as sailing live gps tracker, all around the world europe, middleeast, asia, north america, in sailing events.

It often involves custom spreadsheets because the software available is complicated, and does not do what you need it to do. Just add your competitors, enter simple race information and click on boats as they cross the line. After months of painstaking development, a sailing app and a company, greatly appreciated by more than 60 000 users, has launched their latest product inkdisplay high contrast display for sailing with the best possible visibility even through polarized sunglasses in direct sunshine. Sail racer app suggest the favored end of the start line, monitors your position, time. My approach is to use a computer to record the finish time or lap time for each boat without attempting to segregate them by race or lap number and have several observers independently recording sail numbers and noting the corresponding finish time whenever possible. Expedition has been used in multiple volvo ocean race, americas cup and grand prix events and is the most advanced and usable software available. Nov 28, 20 here is the latest configuration of the yacht race timer, named yrta.

In detail sailrace systems sailing timer and race management. Hal is fully compatible with the racing rules of sailing 2017 2020. A random car will win each race thanks to mrs tova rottenberg for this great new timer idea. At the start emits an alarm, vibrates and then times up for the race duration. Sailing activity for boaters who want to view and track sailing data using only their gps smartwatch. Sailing race starts is the ultimate yacht racing starting system. I even talked my wife into the femix 5s based on this app. The free version contains a limited set of features and options. Sep 10, 2019 to where the next ocean race around the sailing world an online crew board to. But if they didnt know that distance, how could they calculate the eta correctly. Racesail is a program for scoring a single race, a series for a single race class or a complete sailboat regatta. Application is used as an additional tool next to standard yacht equipment to take tactical decisions faster.

Us sailing does not specifically endorse one program over another, but encourages users to consider all. Just add your competitors, enter simple race information and. Sail racer app suggest the favored end of the start line, monitors your position, time and guides the maneuvers that the start line was hit at the last moment with the best possible speed during your sail. Application is used as an additional tool next to standard yacht equipment to take tactical sail decisions faster. Hal is widely used for national and international championships, as well as club racing and open meetings. As the race committee sounds the warning, we ready the timer in the. It is an automatic sailboat race starter system consisting of our selfcontained horn unit in conjunction with our free app running on your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch. Sail scoring with the afleet app makes it easy, and it takes less time. Race timer smartphone app i am looking for an android smartphone app that will run a race start sequence with an audio countdown, so that we can all concentrate on sailing our boats to the line while listening to a voice countdown to the start. Sailing easytimer simple timing and scoring software for. Balboa racing home of the istart pro and the istart. Using an android tablet or phone we can typically score a race single fleet in less than one minute. New, novel and highly effective, designed to put you in the right place at the right time, make smarter decisions and get better results. A sailing race start timer for the garmin connect iq platform, following the isaf 5410 sequence features.

Sailwave is a popular, fully featured, easytouse, multilingual, sailing resultsscoring application for windows running on other platforms via windows emulation software. It times and scores for teamwork, design and titanic as well as speed. All race timing is now worked out from time of day to minimise errors. The rw3 digital sailing watch is most suitable for sailing as it has a prestart countdown option with time of day and stopwatch on the same display. Besides the fresh new look they feature large buttons, easy to read displays and advanced intuitive programming designed specifically with the racing sailor in mind. This app provides a timer with unique features and unparalleled ease of use for sail racing.

The photo above shows, on the first line, that an a plus b ie a 1fleet sequence with all boats starting together, has already been started. Remember if you have an idea that you would like to share we will make the new timer. To work out our sailing time to the start line, the software needs to know our boats polars how fast we will sail compared to true wind speed and true wind angle. Race time, actual time, line distance, wind and layline information are all displayed in a manner thats big, bold and simple to understand. Take advantage on your competitors, improve your performance, have a perfect timing to your start by using sailracer app. Sailboat race starter is an isaf countdown timer for racing sailboats. Prestart fits with the 5 minute warning etc start sequence and we are asked to submit. Ive been trying to locate a countdown timer that beeps loud enough to be heard on the starting line. Page 2 this regatta race timer comes with a 2 year warranty. Racing with the tactiqs performance app sailing world. The moral here is that even with great software, we must look around.

Sailing race results system, free software rya portsmouth. Wear sailing race timer for android free download and. The program is designed to calculate the results for a single race. The race officer is responsible for recording the sail number of boats as they finish. In each race class, boats are registered by unique sail number. The evaluations are provided as a service to members of us sailing and the sailing community.

An appealing part of this app is that you can opt to use raster charts, which are. This is a sail racing app for sailing enthusiasts and professionals. Operation is extremely simple and convenient, and software is always up to date. These snails loving racing and whichever gets the furthest by the end wins. Official supplier to the volvo ocean race, americas cups, sail gp and many other events. Sailboat race starter regatta timer free software, apps. Be the first one easy to guide your boat for an accurate and precise start. Once you get back to shore you can download this data to your mac or pc and create race replay animations.

Sailracer calculates your perfect start and tactical manoeuvres during the race based on current, wind, laylines and polar data. World sailing submission 025 olympic format medal race capability. Select race mode adds a fourth page with race timer and distance to line. Select up and down to synchronize the race timer with the official race countdown. There are so many variables and methods that it is almost impossible to get a simple. This always takes up a large amount of time for the race officer and sailing secretary. A different approach giving high fidelity guidance allowing the sailor to focus on the future, not the execution. Ronstans clear start race timer and watches are completely updated with bold new styling and true sailing functionality. It links with the software to tell you how early or late you are for the start. Im a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you. Logging is automatically enabled after a short time. The display apps race, eyeapp and vysion are designed for different platforms, but all provide a consistent presentation of sailing data.

Nothing makes me happier than simplifying my life personally, professionally, and even competitively with applications that engage and elevate our lives. Yacht timer simple and smart sailing timer apps on. Whether youre a yacht club sailing director, coach or sailing instructor, one of our models will be your new best friend. Sailing race controller sailrace systems leicestershire. Select cruise mode to view tack assist page and two configurable datafields pages, which include speed, course, distance, and lap data. This app turns your android wear smart watch into a fully featured sailing watch, with one important bonus feature. If something is missing that you think should be added here for the benefit of race officers, please send materials to the rmc web liaison for consideration.

Sailing timer a sailing race start timer for the garmin connect iq platform, following the world sailing 5410 sequence. Sailing race starts works equally well on phones and tablets, and has many features. Once all the boats in a race class have been defined, scratch sheets are produced for the onthewater race officers. Secured by this, my ipad is easy to view from the helming position on both sides and is well protected, so i can use it when starting a race as easily as when i head offshore and switch it to. You can set the timer to suit the start time sequence including the standard 5,4,1 start.

There are tons of sailing apps available for smartphone users. It is an online system that you use with a web browser, such. Jun 15, 2015 there is no line bias information, which is a shame, as the necessary data is all there and available. Once loaded, it will run offline with no data connection. A cool new car racing timer set the countdown, and choose a car watch them race until the timer reaches zero. I started pinnacle point software based on my passion for sailing and my ambition to streamline processes with technology. For warranty issues please contact your nearest stockist. Pursuit race management is particularly challenging in that the elapsed target race time will be different for different classes competing in the same race. Simple timing and scoring software for sailing races. Sailing race timing equipment yachts and yachting online. The timer includes real time, daily alarm and a regatta timer which times the. Simply touch the timer to start the countdown, change the duration, or synchronize with official race timing.

Balboa racing home of the istart pro and the istart controller. The timer can be synchronised to the nearest minute, up or down, using up or down buttons if available or back button. Software weather, software and handicaps resource centre. The timer can be synchronised to the nearest minute, up or down. Can anyone recommend a countdown race start timer with an audible beeper. A series can be set up with qualifying and finals races. Sailbot automatic sailboat race start sequence horn the most. High contrast screen for racing nominated for the most prestigious award in. Wear sailing race timer this app turns your android wear smart watch into a fully featured sailing watch, with one important bonus feature. Since the aim is to achieve a dead heat if all sail to their allocated rating, staggered start times are required for each rating. We already use sailwave to input and manage race results. Ockamsoft 5 sailboat racing software addresses modern color graphics and the confluence of ethernet, wifi and internet technologies, and the multiple devices that can exploit data from them. Lighthouse 3 now includes a race timer feature accessible from the racing sidebar, or racing data dashboard.

I have tried several countdown watches and timers but none of them are anywhere near load enough to be heard outdoors. The sailtimer tacking results solved this problem, and set a new standard. In addition to providing you realtime, onthewater data, the prostart constantly records your speed, heading and position to keep a running log of your most recent 30 hours of sailing. Keep your eyes on the sails, the wind and the boats around you while maintaining perfect timing. Open a fully featured version of the watch in a new window. Sailbot is simply the most flexible and convenient way to automate the race committee audible signals at the start of any sailing race. It provides the sound signals to start races and voice countdowns for use on the racing yacht. Jul 04, 2018 how to use ranger database regatta race software to run a card board boat regatta.

Fully automated dinghy sailing race timer and management system. The race timer, also available on this screen, can be synchronised to the nearest minute, up or down. Download this app from microsoft store for windows 10, windows 10 mobile, windows 10 team surface hub. Sail racers will love lighthouse bermudas new racing data dashboard display which provides fullscreen views of critical start line information.

Oct 02, 2017 this app turns your android wear smart watch into a fully featured sailing watch, with one important bonus feature. Race timer app for iphone and other sailing discussion in the seabreeze general forums, page 1. The most popular sailing watch in the world just got better. The time storage and prestart combo would suit me for the sailing race series i sometimes crew in. Watch our snails race as fast as they can with our snail racing timer. Gill regatta race timer w014 instruction manual pdf download. Sailboat racing software ockam sailing instruments. Top yacht apps for racing and cruising yachting world. The screen displays the race timer, time to burn, and distance to the start line select start. Simple timing and scoring software for sailing races time and score your sailing races simply. Download free demo, multiplayer regatta sailing, sail training tool. Timezero is a part of maxsea, the renowned routeing software company.

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