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Samuel pepys was a senior british member of parliament and administrator of navy. King charles orders that houses be blown up to stop the fire spreading further. Diary entry ks2 powerpoint download to teach ks2 primary. What we are currently doing will be history to others. Diary entries from september 1666 the diary of samuel pepys. This powerpoint contains lots of information about the diarist samuel pepys. Although pepys had no maritime experience, he rose by patronage, hard work and his talent for administration. However, you will also find such things as an eyewitness account of the great fire of london of 1666, and much discussion of. The east wind drops which causes the fire to slow down. Samuel pepys 16331703 and john evelyn 16201706 were contemporaneous diarists, and each mentions the other. These resources are all relevant when learning about samuel pepys. A succession of new versions brought out in the victorian era made the diary one of the bestknown books and pepys one of the bestknown figures of english history. The king was seen helping to put out the fire by samuel pepys.

Pauls school in london, then at cambridge university spent a great deal of his life working at the admiralty is. Pepys was the son of a working tailor who had come to london from huntingdonshire. Your pupils will love this educational insight into one of the most significant moments in english history. Samuel pepys, 23 february 1633 26 may 1703 was an english administrator at the admiralty and member of parliament. Explore more than samuel pepys diary resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on great fire of london. Librivox recording of the diary of samuel pepys 1662 by samuel pepys. Use these teaching resources to support learning through the topic of the great fire of london. In the original edition of 1825 scarcely half of the manuscript was printed. Fire of london samuel pepys diary apple for the teacher ltd. For instance, one of the many bits of oddball trivia to be gained from reading an annotated version of the diary of samuel pepys concerns a word that most dictionaries agreed was used in its present context for the first time in the entry pepys made on june 10, 1666 regarding the latest mistress of the duke of york. Learn some new vocabulary with our word mats, worksheets and flashcard activities and then finish off by writing about the great fire of london with one of the template. This is the complete version of pepys diary, and you will encounter many days and time frames when he might just as well have said nothing happened. This informational powerpoint aims to teach ks1 students some of the key facts and figures of the great fire of london in a fun and informative way.

This digital book includes an annotated bibliography of historic autobiographies and biographies added 2011. Showing top 8 worksheets in the category extract 1 samuel pepys. Ks1 all about samuel pepys diary writing worksheet twinkl. Answering the comprehension questions will help consolidate your pupils knowledge of the great fire of london. The samuel pepys club has a newsletter and the march 2020 issue contains an interview with me about this site, aimed at people who dont know much about it. Samuel pepys and the great fire of london part 2 bbc. Great fire of london ks1 timeline powerpoint teacher made. Explore the diary of samuel pepys and learn all about the fire of london from someone who experienced it firsthand. Sunday 2nd september 1666 the great fire of london started.

Pepys has paid great attention to the history of his family, and in 1887 he published an interesting work entitled genealogy of. Samuel pepys, before becoming a member of parliament, wrote a famous diary from 1660 to 1669 chronicling life in 17th century england. About samuel pepys pictures about his diary born on february 23rd, 1633 in london his father was a tailor got his education at huntington grammar school, then st. The great fire of london tuesday 28th april 2009 day 1. Read extracts from diaries of a roald dahl, mary berry, samuel pepys, lionel messi, justin beiber and.

Education worksheets, fire of london samuel pepys diary, history, humanities, ks1, primary resources, teaching resources. Meet samuel pepys and john evelyn and understand their diaries give us information about life in their times, including the great fire of london. Lord braybrooke added some passages as the various editions were published, but. Pick your own free resource every week with our newsletter. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect. Some of our mayds sitting up late last night to get things ready against our feast today, jane called us up about three in the morning, to tell us of a great fire they saw in the city. Published 1893 samuel pepys frs, mp, jp, 23 february 1633 26 may 1703 was an english naval administrator and member of parliament, who is now most famous for the diary he kept for a decade while still a relatively young man. Explore the terrible events of 1666 with our ks1 great fire of london resources. Ppt the diary of samuel pepys powerpoint presentation. The companion volume to the complete diary of samuel pepys in its most authoritative and acclaimed edition. Here are the extracts from evelyns diaries published by project gutenberg which refer to samuel pepys.

Samuel pepys and the great fire of london ks1 historical. Find out about the famous diarists samuel pepys and john evelyn. A fine set, comprised of eight volumes of pepyss diary, a volume of pepysiana, and an index. Librivox recording of the diary of samuel pepys 1660 by samuel pepys. Imagine you are samuel pepys and use the diary writing template to describe what you could see, smell, hear and feel during this time in history.

Samuel pepys told us what happened by writing his diary. Pen at the white horse in lumbard streete, where, god forgive us. Some of the worksheets displayed are the great fire of london, age 5, diary writing ks1 tes, ks1 fire of london, the monument, the national archives education service the great fire of, igcse english language revision guide paper 2, english reading. A heavily modified version of samuel pepys diary, the stars will read the words when clicked as long as you have relevant plugins.

Download this 24slide powerpoint to explore with children what makes a good diary entry. Samuel pepys significant individual lesson teaching pack pack. If one takes as a given that pepys is expressing a conventional view toward womens place in society even if his predatory sexuality leans perhaps toward the less enlightened end of. This informative timeline powerpoint is a fun and easy way for ks1 students to learn more about the events that occurred in the great fire of london. An introduction to the diary of samuel pepys by samuel pepys. Explore more than 34 samuel pepys resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on samuel pepys diary. Or, more specifically, the diary of samuel pepys offers a startling and raw glimpse at just how far women have been liberated since the middle of the 1600s. Start off by looking at how the events unfolded and then move on to the diary of samuel pepys. To download this resource, sign up by purchasing a year 2 subscription package or apple tree subscription.

Samuel pepys simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With two worksheets, differentiated fact files, a portrait puzzle and powerpoint, this. The children communicate their understandings through structured writing, individually and in groups. Use in conjunction with our samuel pepys diary writing activity and our samuel pepys fact file activity. Challenge yourself to write a diary about your time at home. Read in english by nicole lee samuel pepys was the first secretary to the admiralty during the reign of charles ii, instrumental in developing the royal navy and witness to some of the most significant events of the restoration period, including the great fire of london. How does this resource excite and engage childrens learning. Though evelyns diaries cover the period 1641 to 1697 and some later i can find no reference to pepys earlier than 1669 which is the last year of pepys own diary 16601669. Puppet show productions take on the diary of samuel pepys. We say that it is an eyewitness an eyewitness an eyewitness account account account oran eyewitness report an eyewitness reportan eyewitness report.

Explore the diary of samuel pepys and learn all about the fire of london from. Although the diary of samuel pepys has been in the hands of the public for nearly seventy years, it has not hitherto appeared in its entirety. Samuel pepysdiary is very important because it tells us what life was like at the time of the great fire of london. The diary of samuel pepys by samuel pepys paperback. Samuel pepys and the great fire of london part 1 bbc.

Written between 1660 and 1669, as pepys was establishing himself as a key administrator in the navy office, it is an intimate portrait of life in 17thcentury england, covering his professional. Ks1 the diary of samuel pepys reading comprehension activity. The diary of samuel pepys is one of the most entertaining documents in english history. The author was twentyseven years old and already well on his way to a lucrative career in the service of the english crown.

This informative timeline powerpoint is a fun and easy way for ks1 students. Flow, flow, flow vocal a soft, lyrical song about the rising and falling waters of the river thames. Great fire of london information powerpoint ks1 twinkl. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. Samuel pepys english diarist and naval administrator. This was originally part of a 7week unit looking at the great plague of london, the great fire of london, and samuel pepys as a famous person the children had posed their own questions about the fire. Use adjectives to add interest and information to their writing. His most notable passages came from 1666, where he described the great fire of london and its impact vividly, lending a rare personal glimpse into how london fared in the face of the disaster. Samuel pepyss diary was first published in abbreviated form in 1825. Samuel pepys, born february 23, 1633, london, englanddied may 26, 1703, london, english diarist and naval administrator, celebrated for his diary first published in 1825, which gives a fascinating picture of the official and upperclass life of restoration london from jan. After this i got the children to write their own diary entry. I used for a weeks worth of literacy to which my children made their own diaries. Use full sentences, capital letters and full stops.

Pepys had no maritime experience, but he rose to be the chief secretary to the admiralty under both king charles ii and king james ii through patronage, hard work. Year 1 and year 2 children write diary entries, including a realistic entry set during the great. Ks1 the diary of samuel pepys differentiated reading comprehension activity. So i rose and slipped on my nightgowne, and went to her window, and thought it to be on the backside of markelane at the farthest.

Explore more than 63 diary powerpoint resources for teachers, parents and pupils as well as related resources on diary writing powerpoint. Ks1 the diary of samuel pepys differentiated reading. Up, and to the office and there all the morning sitting and at noon to dinner with my lord bruncker, sir w. Samuel pepys teaching resources teaching resources. Extract 1 samuel pepys worksheets teacher worksheets. Despite no prior seatime experience, pepys rose through the ranks to become the chief secretary to the admiralty, serving under king charles ii and king james ii. Originally scribbled in a cryptic shorthand, pepyss quotidian journal of life in restoration london provides an astonishingly frank and diverting account of. He is famous for his diary pepys rose to be the chief secretary to the admiralty under charles ii, and later under james ii. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Explore the diary of samuel pepys and learn all about the fire of london from someone. Great for teaching about the great fire of london and for helping children understand how we know about this period of history. Powerpoint made of his diary of great fire of london. Thomas farrynors bakery on pudding lane and listen to extracts from the famous diary of samuel pepys. Powerpoint to teach ks2 primary children the key features of writing a diary entry.

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