A340 cockpit 360 for android

If the cockpit you have doesnt have a navgps switch, set it for a key on your keyboard. For more 360 degree videos, check out the vr stories application for iphone and android. This app offers you more than 50 aircraft from various collections including the national museum of the u. Build upon an open framework for creating an distributed glasscockpit. It is accessible from any device and available with operating systems such as android, windows and ios. It was envisioned that the a330 would serve the medium range market and the a340 the longer range routes, especially those requiring long over water flights.

Airbus a340 flight deck and systems briefing for pilots by. One of the illustrated series that takes a technical look at airliners. A340200 payloadrange diagram a340300 payloadrange diagram 1. A319a320a321 flight deck and systems briefing for pilots. Then you dont have to get pissed because you cant find the switch on the panel. The a340600 is the longest of the a340 family, but only has a single deck as opposed to the 747 or a380. Airbus a340600 house colors for fsx fly away simulation. Onboard the inaugural sas a350 flight from copenhagen to. All cockpits look amazing for ordinary people who havent been inside, but the dreamliner cockpit has its own beauty. Net a month ago started a project of 360 panoramas, and recently added panorama of boeing 787 cabin and cockpit. Experience 360 view of aircraft cockpit using gyroscope by moving camera view.

It is the most polished of the android offerings, and we have been with it since 2012, when it was truly a polished turd. Experience the blue angels in 360degree video usa today. Step back in time and climb into the 360 degree virtual cockpits and flight decks to see what it is like to be in the pilots seat. Airbus a350 cockpit high metallization vr 3d model available on turbo squid, the worlds leading provider of digital 3d models for visualization, films, television, and games. The airbus a340 is a longrange, fourengine, widebody commercial passenger jet airliner developed and produced by the european aerospace company airbus. It seats up to 375 passengers in the standard variants and 440 in the stretched 600 series. Depending on the model, it has a range of 6,700 to 9,000 nautical miles 12,400 to 16,700 km.

Be part in the cockpit of patrouille suisse pilot gunnar gandalf. Majority of switchesbuttonsdisplays covered with detailed information on each one including fault cautions. Next 20 basic users becoming a basic user is free and easy. Indeed, the airbus a340 was the first aircraft to be completely designed on computer. The aim of the present work was to create a cockpit of an airbus a320 and to make it into a useful training software for pilots in combination with a game engine and vr. Be part in the cockpit of patrouille suisse pilot gunnar gandalf jansen during a training flight over the city of rapperswil in switzerland. The airbus a340600 will continue to hold the record for being the worlds longest commercial aircraft until the first boeing 7478 intercontinental. The airbus a330 is a twinengined widebody airbus a340 and is a fourengined widebody aircraft produced by airbus industries. Airbus a350 cockpit high metallization vr turbosquid. Step into the a220 family cockpit for a 360 degree view a320 the a320 family benefits fully from the features of airbus commonality, which airlines have come to depend on for maximum operational versatility, optimal economic efficiency and the best use of flight, cabin and maintenance crews. How do i get my airbus a340 to follow a gps flight plan in. The right mfd panel that displays engine information thrust%, fuel levels, etc. The app is meant as a lights and switches study tool to help line pilots to prepare for their oral checkride and recurrent training events.

Both models have many features and components, and differ essentially only by the number of trie works. As the a340 is a longrange aircraft the cockpit fully provides for a 3rd occupant seat, and a folding 4th. A330 cockpit trainer an elegant and simple design of the airbus a330340 variant flight deck involving user interactivity with its switches and buttons. Landing page for airbus a340 study guides, computer based training cbt, for check rides to assist pilots in knowing cockpit lights, switches and indicators. Yes the developers behind a340gc beleave in the user rights. Airbus a340 family cockpit poster printed and downloads. The a320 cockpit app was designed for both the ipad, and iphone, by professional pilots, instructors and check airman flying the a320 series airliner for over a decade. As a jetliner in the a340 product line, it joins the a340200, a340300 and a340600 in fully benefitting from airbus commonality. They placed a 360 degree camera inside the windshield of an airbus a320, creating an interactive view of the beginning and end of a flight from zurich to geneva. Complete package including all airbus a340xxx from thomas ruth with virtual cockpit and 42 repaints of high quality. Your gateway to aviation history is right in the palm of your hand.

The whole project was used as a test object for my bachelor work. Ok doing a kvps to kdfw trip on airbus a340, set height at 7500 feet, at 1500 vs, now at 12000. Your gateway to history is already in the palm of your hands. Airbus a340 flight deck and systems briefing for pilots this brochure is issued. The original 300 model entered service in 1993 with air france and lufthansa. Air force, museum of flight, erickson aircraft collection, and more. The first a340 app worldwide providing training of systemknowledge for current and future a340 pilots. The airbus a340 is a longrange, fourengine, widebody commercial passenger jet which seats up to 375 passengers in the standard variants and 440 in the stretched 600 series. An excellent software package for those starting their type rating or cqq and a great asset to have as a pilot rated on the a330. The a340 was developed in parallel to its two engined sister, the a330. From p51 mustangs to 747 jumbo jets, the aerocapture images cockpit 360 app has something for everyone. Watch the line up, takeoff, approach and landing from inside the cockpit with 360.

Depending on the model, it has a range of between 6,700 to 9,000 nautical miles. The evolution didnt change much about that nature, but it still gives you some airbus character and systems, not the most accurate ones maybe. A320 360 cockpit view virtual tour generated by panotour airbus. Airbus a340 flight deck and systems briefing for pilots stl. Airbus a330 a340 cockpit pilot trainer for android. About the airbus a340 glass cockpit a340gc and glass cockpit library libgc were created for the airbus a340 simulator project by the iradis foundation with support from the cosmicus foundation and the dutch department of education. Both aircraft have modern turbofan engines with high bypass ratio and are the first flight course with a modern flybywire. Us airways airbus a330 demo for fsx fly away simulation. Through this software in conjunction with vr, it is to be possible to practice certain procedures even outside the costly simulator. The airbus a340 is a longrange, fourengine, widebody commercial passenger jet airliner that was developed and produced by the european aerospace company airbus. Model with diffuse, bump spec and night map in airbus livery. Jansen during a training flight over the city of rapperswil in switzerland.

The a340600 is more than 10 m longer than a basic 300, making it the longest airliner currently in production. Artstation virtual reality airbus a320 cockpit, max hoek. Looking forward to the rest of the 360 content migrating over soon great app. All four aircraft can be flown with the same type rating, while the crosscrew qualification concept means pilots can more rapidly qualify for another aircraft type within the airbus flybywire product line, leading to significant cost savings. The mod features all basic aircraft functions, such as ailerons, elevators, flaps, cockpit gauges, etc. Landing page to help pilots find the airbus a320 switch light study guide from red triangle productions. It aims at familiarising cabin crews with the localisation of the cabin safety equipment and the main cabin components. T he airbus a340 is a fourengine, longrange, commercial airliner made by europes airbus industries. I would recommend looking for a discount on the price as it may come in too steep in regard to the rather old nature of the addon. I also might be able to improve the default a321 cockpit for you to some extent as its based on the default fsx vc. This app was developed by active pilots and contains more than. After stepping up from fl360 to fl400, we began our initial descent over northern.

Fortunately, swiss youtube channel blick has this nifty 360 degree video of an airbus a320 cockpit during a flight from zurich to geneva to give us. Step back in time and climb aboard some of the most famous and unique aircraft ever built. The 500 model entered service in 2002 with emirates airline. The 360 virtual cabin is an integrated training media which replicates the. Blackbox airbus a340 xtreme prologue a fully flyable set of aircraft with the bbs promise of amazing things to come. The only decent airbus on the market as far as i know is the aerosoft airbus x a3192021 level 2. Included 27 custom and realistic views including 10 inside and 17. Information taken from the wikipedia in flightgear, the a3403x project was started to avoid conflict with the standard a340300, and is a continuation of the a340600hgw. Airbus a340 systems and switch light study guide cockpit. Just flights airbus a340 500600 series jetliner has many more features than the average addon jetliners that are available for sale. Get a 360degree view of an airbus a320 cockpit from. Airbus a340600 add on a new longrange commercial airliner developed by airbus now for gta v. Comes with working virtual cockpit and repainted fsx default 4engine gauges.

This volume explains the a340s interior, cockpits, engineering tests, exploded views, engines, flight systems, wing and fuselage structure, and safety systems. It is rock solid stable, and interfaces flawlessly with the gdl39, giving us adsb weather and traffic. The project is based on skyop and amperes a340300 model, using many systems adapted from the 777. It can carry up to 375 passengers, and its maximum range is 8,650 nautical miles 16,020 kilometers. How do i get my airbus a340 to follow a gps flight plan in microsoft flight simulator x.

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